Monday, August 1, 2016

Best Kept Self Contributor

As many of you already know I have been a contributor over at Best Kept Self for the past 6+ months. What is Best Kept Self you ask?

In their words:

We are the place entrepreneurs come to put themselves first. 
Best Kept Self is a platform dedicated solely to self-care for the busy, burnt-out, and overwhelmed business owners who have consciously and unconsciously put themselves last on their priority list.
We believe that your business thrives when you thrive. 
Our mission is very simple: 
To help entrepreneurs regain energy through their health, become more authentic in the way they look, and live a more abundant life by cultivating mindfulness. 

When I left my traditional 9-5 job for the exciting (and scary) world of entrepreneurship I turned to sites like Best Kept Self for support, knowledge, inspiration and to be a part of a like minded community that gets what I am doing and is there to remind me that I need to focus on myself in order to be successful in my career.

When you are working your booty off to get a business off the ground it is easy to forget that if YOU are not feeling your best then your work definitely won't be your best. 

I have not only loved writing for this online community but I have also really enjoyed reading what the other contributors have to share. It is great learning and being inspired daily by like minded woman.

If you are an entrepreneur or even just a woman who is juggling it all I encourage you to join this fab community. You may learn a few things, you may feel inspired but most of all you will be reminded to take care of yourself! We know you are already completely rockin' it in your career, family, health, looks and really just nailing it at life but let's be honest...remove the social media filter for one and I both know that we can all use an occasional reminder that WE (and by we I mean YOU and ME) matter the most in order to keep on rockin' like we do. 

Check out my articles for Best Kept Self and while you are over there sign up to receive their emails. I am going to continue writing for their YOUR LOOK category (occasionally I throw an article into the other categories too) and I know you would hate to miss what I have to say. 


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