Let's Eat!

I am always hungry. I dream about food. I plan my next meal hours in advance. When I know I am going to a certain restaurant I immediately start thinking about the menu and get excited about all the possibilities.

My personal kitchen style leans towards the healthy and fresh side but I am not one to deprive myself of good ol' comfort food. I believe everything in moderation is key.

One of my favorite things to do is to create recipes from scratch. I can literally taste it while writing about it before I have even made it. 

Some people doodle all over their paper...I have always writen recipes and grocery lists! I actually love going to the grocery store...it is weird.

I have been writing down recipes for years and in 2009 I decided I wanted to start compiling them to create a cookbook, partially so I can remember them all since writing things down and measuring has never been my strong suit. Well, this isn’t exactly a book but it is an opportunity to write and publish my recipes in order to share them. All the recipes you will find on Mavelle style are created by me unless stated otherwise!

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