Monday, September 8, 2014

Wear White After Labor Day!

It is said time and time again, "No White After Labor Day!" 
However, some rules are meant to be broken, well actually more like bent, especially when it come to fashion While you may want to skip the head-to-toe crisp white look between Labor Day and Memorial Day you don't however have to give up the "color" white all together. 

Here are my 5 tips to wearing white after Labor Day:

  1. Skip crisp white for the main piece and choose something with warmer undertones. For instance: a crisp white tee works with an off-white blazer
  2. Unless it is winter white, off white, ivory, cream or some shade other than white white skip the head-to-toe look
  3. Pair your white pants or white blazer with tans, creams, browns, blacks, grays or even leopard to make it feel a little more fall-ish
  4. Bundle up. Just by adding a big cozy sweater or scarf you make the outfit work beyond Labor Day
  5. Put away the white pumps/heels and pair your white ensembles with nude, navy, black, gray (the options are endless really) heels/pumps or a great fall/winter boot

Below are 20 styles that nailed the Wear White After Labor Day look!

Jacket from Shopbop

Cheers to the changing seasons and the fashion to go along with it!