Friday, August 5, 2016

All In One & One For All! My love affair with jumpers!

I am going all in for jumpsuits & rompers! What about you?

Jumpsuits are stinkin' adorable and let's not forget that they can also be super sexy, comfy & casual or even fancy. The list of how versatile jumpsuits are goes on and on. So much so that I am 100% willing to look past the fact that going to the bathroom is not as easy as it is in...I don't know...let's say, pretty much anything. But it's totally worth it you guys. Plus, there is a style for everyone. I am not even joking, this trend works for all the ladies out just have to find the style works best for you.

This particular jumpsuit, by LUSH, is currently on top of my #OOTD rotation list and has been for some time. I mean look at the subtle cut-outs on the side...and there are pockets...LOVE!

I apologize for taking so long to share this look with all of you fine people. But I am doing that now so are we good? Good...I would hate it if you were mad at me plus, there is plenty of time left to wear a great linen jumpsuit. Especially if you are looking forward to an Indian Summer like we are over here in California. 

Hello fabulous flare leg! Did anyone else notice that this jumpsuit is pretty much ankle length on the model? Just a friendly reminder of how short I am. 

I keep forgetting to get it hemmed. I swear I am not Gumby and that I am wearing a fabulous pair of shoes under that even more fabulous flare leg jumpsuit! I simply cannot get enough of the flare leg! But to be honest I do kind of like it more on the long side. For reference I am almost 5'4" and I am wearing a small and it is super long. 

Shop a ton of cute jumpsuits & rompers below...starting with this linen one by LUSH.

So tell me...are you all in for the all in one?


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