Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Getting Back Into The Gym!

I took a couple years off from working out...I am not even joking it was like a full two years (and then some) that I did not hit the trails running and definitely did not see the inside of a gym or yoga studio. But I am happy to report that I AM BACK or at least on my way back!
It has been a tough ride trying to get myself back into shape and I am not anywhere near where I was before going on my little hiatus but I am feeling good about myself regardless and I just keep going...that is all I can do right? Even if I never completely get back to where I was it just feels great to be exercising again and feeling healthier and having more energy. 
So why the hiatus? How does somebody go from running, walking, yoga, barre, and activity routinely to a complete halt? Well, for me, life happened...for almost two years straight my husband and I completely turned our focus on situations that needed our attention more than yoga did (although I can honestly say we probably needed the yoga more than ever at that time.)

Even when there was time to go to an exercise class or for a run I honestly just wanted to sit and enjoy a glass of wine and do absolutley nothing. I know some people run to distract themselves from the chaos and stress of life, I used to be that person...but this time was different. I honestly think I was living the true definition of emotionally and mentally exhausted, something I had never experienced for such a long period of time and because of that working out was put on the shelf and completely forgotten.
There may be water in that bottle...there may be wine...you'll never know. 
But if you want to get this cute bkr glass bottle it is from Nordstrom and I have linked it HERE for you.

Eventually, the dust started to settle...like it always does. So really I had the time to workout again before I gained the motivation back. Two years off is a long time my friends. I remember thinking it was hard to go back to the gym after a vacation. But eventually I was ready, mentally and physically, plus I am in my 30's and have a mean appetite so I couldn't keep this whole "I don't work out" thing up for long...and so one day I just decided to go for a run. 
Not going to lie...I struggled big time. Then I called one of my girlfriends and asked if she would run with me 2x a week. I knew I needed to be pushed and I needed someone to hold me accountable to show up in the mornings...6am runs are tough Yo!
Eventually, I was back at in the gym hitting that Stair-Master hard...it is a serious love hate relationship with that machine. If you haven't already you should try it; especially, if you love a great lower body, booty kickin', cardio routine like I do. 
To kick your butt a little more on the Stair-Master incorporate some jump squats, skipping steps
and even walk sideways crossing one leg over the other as you go. 

It is important to find an exercise routine that you actually like so that you will want to keep at it. Don't try to push yourself into a class that you find boring but hear is good for you. When you love it you give it your all and that is the attitude you want to bring to your workouts. 
This rope pull machine is a new favorite. 

If you are struggling with getting back into a routine or even starting one for the first time I encourage you to find a workout buddy. It seriously helps. I have no problem flaking on the Stair-Master but I cannot leave my girl hanging at 6am...that is just rude. 

Also, if you are like me, it helps to have really cute gym clothes. This is not even a joke. I am going to leave you with that as you check out the super cute workout essentials I have linked for you.

Shop super cute workout tops for your next trip to the gym below.

And here are a bunch of stylish workout pants for you to shop. 
Don't forget the below must-haves including some seriously bad ass yoga mats that you have to see so don't forget to scroll right. I kind of want to get them all...you'll understand why once you see them.

Thanks for letting me get a bit more serious with y'all for a minute there. I would love to hear how you stay motivated to workout so drop me an email or comment below and share your motivation and workout tips. Like I said, I am still getting back into it so anything you have to push me to keep going is greatly appreciated.

Okay, off to the gym I go...bye for now.


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  1. Way to go! I have never been much of a gym person, but I'm considering joining a gym. I walk the dog in the mornings, but I need/want a bit more than that. Cute clothes, as always! :-)

    1. Thanks. I have heard good things about SNAP Fitness in town (24 hours which is nice) as well as the gym on Garden Road (right by work which is nice.) Also, the gym on Garden has great classes that are always fun and motivating.

    2. I decided that I'm going to take a couple of Pilates classes. There's a studio that just moved out by Toro Park so I'm going to give it a shot. My friend Wendy goes there and she loves it!

    3. Oh Yeah I saw that and totally forgot about them. I have some friends that work out there too and have heard good things. Let me know what you think.

  2. These yoga capris are surprisingly comparable to the pricey pairs I own. I wear a medium and am 5'7" and 135 pounds. The stylish workout clothes are not see through if you order the correct size. If these are see-through on you, you're either seeing the white liners underneath some styles or need to size up