Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall + Boots = Love

I know I have told you all this before but I will say it again, and probably again after that...I LOVE FALL FASHION!
Boots are one of the main reasons I love fall fashion...although to be quite honest I don't necessarily wait until fall to wear boots. Some styles can be worn all season long, like peep-toe booties.

I love boots with everything from dresses to jeans. From a night out with my girls to a day on the ranch. Honestly...if you don't like boots we probably cannot be friends...because you are probably weird. Okay, that was rude...I am sorry. I just get so excited when talking about boots and fall fashion.  
I'm embarrassed to admit how many pairs of boots I own. When I wrote this blog post almost a year ago the count was at 26 and I think it may have grown since then...or it is about to because I plan on shopping the links I provided for all of you below. 

I have linked a ton of cute boots that fall into my top three boot styles of the moment. Are you excited?

Suede...of course! 
Over-The-Knee...absolutely! know it! 
Let's get crazy and buy them all! I hope my husband (aka my CFO) doesn't see this. Love you babe.

Shop suede boots...a must for fall!

Make a bold statement in an over-the-knee style boot!
Every girl needs a bootie! Pun definitely intended ;-)

I have a question for all of you petite ladies like myself...someone once told me that short ladies should not wear over the knee boots because it is just too much boot for them...what are your thoughts? I rock mine like it's nobodies business and have never felt overwhelmed by the style but wanted to hear what you all thought.


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