Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hats for Fall are an Absolute MUST! there such thing as owning too many hats?
Don't tell me...I am not sure I can handle the answer.
It is no secret that I am a HUGE lover of hats. Really any type of head piece is high on my list...from flower crowns to baseball caps, I am a fan. I have been wearing hats as long as I can remember...and then some. 
This time of year I pretty much live in some sort of wool felt hat. I absolutely love a good wide brim, flat brim, fedora, or even a floppy hat and quite honestly we cannot leave out a good ol' cowboy styled hat. 
I have never met a hat I didn't like...but then again I also have never been to the Kentucky Derby. I have a feeling that some of those hats and I wouldn't quite vibe, however, the Kentucky Derby is on my bucket list and I seriously cannot wait to pick out a hat for it. 
Is it weird to want to go to something so bad just so you can wear a fun outfit? 

I digressed there for second. Now let's get back to hats for fall and winter.

You can seriously throw a hat on with almost anything. Sweater dress...of course. Jeans and a tee...absolutely. Slacks and a were talking classic chic and classic chic is always a yes. It is amazing how a boring outfit, think jeans and something as simple as a sweatshirt, is suddenly super cute just by adding a hat. 
If you do not have at least one fabulous fall hat in your closet then you my friend are lucky to have "met" me. I am about to introduce you to a bunch of fabulous hats for fall and winter. The good thing about hat styles is that they really don't go out of style. They are trendy without being a trend. The hat you wear this fall will be the same hat you wear next fall and the fall after that and well, you get the picture. 
You know what else I love? Elbow Patches. Get my cozy fall sweater here!

I have rounded up quite a bunch of great hats in several styles and colors all linked below. There are wide brims and there are flat brims; some have feather embellishments and others are belted. There are black hats and there are fun colorful hats. There is seriously something for everyone.

I pulled some cute looks from Pinterest to inspire a few different ways you can style your hats this fall and winter. 

What is your favorite fall fashion staple?


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