Friday, July 15, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

The biggest sale of the year is here and every blogger is talking about it...including this girl! 

If you are like me then you are a fashionista living in a small town. In other words the nearest Nordstrom is at least 40 miles away and in California that means at least an hour on a good traffic day. I mean really...who has two hours to spend in a car just to go shopping? I swear, adulting is so hard sometimes.

Don't worry though, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is also online and to save you some time I already combed the entire site and rounded up my favorites and a few must-haves for fall. Did you know this sale is up to 50% off new fall items...yep, NEW! Here's the deal though...if you don't have a Nordstroms credit/debit card you have to wait until July 22nd to take advantage of this sale. I know, I know...such a tease but totally worth the wait and figuring out what you want now (just in case you don't have a Nordstroms card). 

Below are 60 of my favorite items with links to shop...there were over 3,000 items so I think narrowing it down to only 60 is kind of a success story!

Bottom Row: Loafer ~ Leopard Flat 

Happy shopping everyone! I know I will be stocking up myself but not until July 22nd because I don't have a Nordstroms credit card (#FOMO).

Also check out: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Continues for even more great styles on sale!


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