Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spring 2016 Fashion Series! Post 3: Be Bold in Stripes!

Let's talk about stripes for a moment. Although the pattern is nothing new it is far from tedious. Stripes made an appearance on pretty much every runway this year. From New York to Milan the bold pattern definitely left its mark.
The reason I love this trend is because you can make it as bold as you want with bright colors, wider stripes, and even unconventional patterns or, if you prefer, you can definitely do this spring trend in an understated, yet fashion-forward, way. I look at stripes as a neutral; you can pair it with other patterns and really have some fun with the colors.

Below is a quick look at how stripes of all kinds (vertical, horizontal, bright, muted, wide, thin...you name it) showed up at fashion week.

If you want to fill your closet with the coveted pattern of the season I linked some great pieces for you below. You will find everything from pants, skirts and shorts to dresses and crop tops...even purses and swimwear. Nothing is off limits when it comes to stripes for spring and summer. 
When it comes to fashion...be bold my lovies!

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Check back soon for the next trend we will be featuring in our Spring 2016 Fashion Series.

Any guesses what it is going to be?


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