Friday, January 29, 2016

Hello, El Niño...What to Wear on a Rainy Day!

I had all my West Coast Fashionistas in mind while writing this post!

My Boots: The North Face 
I have had them for years and they are my go-to for rain and snow.

If you are like me the second you see (or even hear) rain you just want to stay in your cozy clothes and stay indoors. Unfortunately, especially for us working adults, this is not always an option. So here is what I did...I went on the hunt for some stylish rainy day essentials to help y'all out of the house on those cold and wet (hopefully not also windy) days. 
There are a few rainy day wardrobe essentials that are needed to nail your look as you brave the El Niño weather we are facing this winter season. Below I have linked to a few options (at various price points) for each of those rainy day must-haves. 

First of all you will need a great rain coat. Obviously, right? Luckily for all us fashionistas raincoats come in super chic styles. Sometimes you can't even tell somebody is wearing a rain coat.

Next, and actually maybe even more important than the rain coat, would be a comfortable and stylish pair of rain boots. 

Below I linked to rain boots that have fringe, studs, floral, chains, buckles, polka name it...seriously so many cute rain boots to choose from. And of course everyones favorite, Hunter Rain Boots which I found a pair in metallic silver and one with a great chunky heel...see for yourself by scrolling through the images below.

Finally, we all need an umbrella!

If you are not already equipped for the rain then I suggest shopping a couple of the links above so the next time you wake up to a rainy day you will be prepared to take on the day in style.

Stay Dry, Lovies!


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