Monday, October 12, 2015

Pumpkin Decorating, Hocus Pocus & A Little Girl Time!

This past Saturday a couple of girlfriends came over and we drank pumpkin spiced lattes (which we later traded in for some champagne), drove all over town looking for white pumpkins (apparently there is a shortage) watched Hocus Pocus and decorated pumpkins. It was a perfect fall Saturday morning...even if the glitter was testing my inner neat freak! There was so much glitter! 

Below is some pumpkin decorating inspiration for your home during the fall!

Sidenote: These Mercanti Fiorentini Reptile Flats are my go-to flats this Fall! 
Plus, they are currently on sale for only $69.94! 

This one reminds me of creepy spider eggs hatching! Happy Halloween!

For these glitter pumpkins we used tacky glue and glitter...lots and lots of glitter. We used paintbrushes to apply the glue where we wanted the glitter to hit and stay. Then, for the small pumpkins anyway, we put them in brown paperbags and shaked the glitter on them in the bag (trying to contain the mess). Next we rolled the pumpkins around in the excess glitter to hit every spot. We also used glitter glue...amazing and totally worth noting because it is less messy and so easy to use especially down the creases of the pumpkin. The larger pumpkins didn't do so well with the paperbag method. The sides just hit the bag and the glue came off. 

These pumpkins were done with acrylic paint, glitter glue and metallic colored glue. They came out so clean looking and dry pretty quick. 

Of course we all had to do a monogramed pumpkin! #TeamAbramson

And then there was this studded pumpkin which I am kind of obsessed with and not just becasue it was super easy and left no clean up duty but because it looks pretty I right? 

Make sure you get crafting studs if you want to create something similar...not thumbtacks...there are lots of different styles of crafting studs too so you can really have fun with this one.  

After we were done decorating our pumpkins I had a little too much fun finding them a home in our home. I bet you didn't realize you can have a full blown photoshoot with pumpkins? 

We had so much fun spending our morning crafting that next we are having a Paint & Sip!

Share with me, below, which pumpkin is your favorite?


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