Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Suede Shorts For Fall

As we transition into fall we will still have some really hot summer-like days and that is when suede shorts, in the perfect fall color, come into play. 

The key to wearing shorts as we transition from summer to fall is to keep with fall tones, heavier fabrics and of course to layer up top or pair your shorts with a great sweater. Whether you go for a fall sweater or something lighter weight, like a kimono, will all depend on how hot or how cold your fall days actually are.
These faux suede shorts have been on my go-to fall wardrobe list for sometime now. I got them while in New York City a few years back but really, when done right, suede is never going to go out of style. That is why these shorts are still a part of my closet rotation and still one of my favorite pieces to wear in the fall or during our Indian Summer in September and October.
I have been seeing a lot of suede lately (which, for the record, I am pretty stoked about) and especially in this orange color. After all orange was the new black for spring and summer and with this rust (or maybe it is pumpkin spice) tone we are taking it all the way into fall as well.
Fall is my favorite season for fashion. I know I say this every time we enter a new season but I honestly think fall truly is my favorite. Don't hold me accountable for that though when we enter spring and I claim that is actually my favorite season for fashion. 

What can I say, "I LOVE FASHION!" 
I think we all should do a little dance for fall!

Get this fab fall look by shopping the super cute styles I have linked for you below. Don't forget to scroll right for tons of great suede shorts to add to your fall wardrobe...before it gets too cold!

What is your favorite season for style?


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