Monday, May 19, 2014

Top 10 Wedding Trends For 2014

I love weddings! I love, love!

I was a wedding designer for over four years and every time I would see the bride walk down the aisle I would get a little choked up. It is just such a beautiful thing…committing yourself to that one person you love more than anything in front of those that mean the most to you…and that moment between the bride and groom…ahhhhh...anyway, let’s just dive on in to the top 10 trends for the 2014 wedding season.

1) Pink Tones:

Tell your groom not to worry. We are not talking Pepto Bismol pink we are referring to pinks with blush, nude and peach undertones. This color scheme is popping up all over. Use it for your bridesmaid dresses, your floral, your linen or even your bridal gown. The options are endless really because even though it is technically a color it is subtle enough to be used over and over again and anywhere. Also, don’t focus too much on making sure all the blush tones are an exact match. This is a fun color to play with the ombre trend or to mismatch a little bit.

Purple is still a huge color this year (Radiant Orchid anyone?) and paired with blush...Ooh lala! 

2) Patterns:

Think soft patterns. Not a lot of harsh lines in 2014. Now we are seeing (and liking) floral, stripes and polka dots. 2014 is all about romance and softness. Below is a sampling of linens from one of my favorites: Napa Valley Linen.

How darling are these bridesmaid polka dot dresses?

3) Chandeliers:

This is not a new trend but it is definitely sticking around in a big way. Hang crystal chandeliers anywhere and everywhere you can and have varying sizes. Put them in the trees, in the barn, in the center of your chuppah, down your aisle, or even above your ceremony guests. Whatever you do, don’t think you need to stick to the center of the ballroom or reception tent and you definitely don’t need to stick to indoors. Crystal chandeliers are meant to be outdoors these days...aye yi yi...what would grandma think?

4) Garlands:

This is something that many designers of the 80’s and 90’s thought would never come back (maybe even hoped) but it is back and it feels cleaner, fresher and improved from before because designers are getting more creative on where to use the garlands and how. Keep in mind, modern garlands don't necessarily have anything to do with floral. A few ways to incorporate a floral garland design is to drape the entry doors or gate to your ceremony or reception, use as the runner down the table, or instead of using ribbon to block the ceremony aisle go with a garland. You can even have the flower girls connect by holding a garland or walking a dog down the aisle with a garland leash…I could keep going but we are only on #4.

5) Custom Invites:

Smaller invites are in and so are DIY invites (or having a friend or family member do it might be a little more like it). A great way to customize your invite is to have a friend, who just so happens to be an artist, paint or draw one just the way you want and then have it duplicated. This personalizes it, makes it unique and also adds special sentiment for you and your friend or family member.

6) Let Your Cake Take Center Stage:
When the hubs and I got married we could care less about the cake because we don’t eat cake so we had a few of our favorites: doughnut holes, mini cupcakes and Chewy Gooeys (aka rice krispy treats to the rest of the world) on shabby chic dessert stands. Dessert tables have been huge in recent years, however, in 2014 we are back to cakes and this year the cake table and the cake itself will be getting as much attention as the bride…okay, that was a little dramatic. But seriously, put some thought into this. Is your cake table and cake Pinterest worthy? Here are a few ideas to get there (if you care…you may be like me and just want a doughnut): rent vintage furniture to use as the cake table or use a linen that makes a statement if the vintage trend is not your thing. But beyond what the cake will be placed on is the cake itself. Think about incorporating a fine glitter (maybe the glitter gets heavier towards the base of the cake), texture, or colored frosting.

7) Music to fit a theme:

Lots of bride and grooms pick themes for their big day, for instance, country/rustic, old Hollywood glam or the latest big trend, Great Gatsby. This is nothing new but beyond the style and d├ęcor, couples are now keeping the theme into the reception and choosing music based around their wedding theme. For instance, if you have a Great Gatsby inspired wedding have a live band that plays only roaring 20’s hits. Which bring me to #8….

8) Gatsby Inspired:

This is a huge theme this year; from the bridal gown, to the location, from the accessories to the music; people are loving Gatsby and who can blame them? This trend goes beyond flapper attire though. Formal receptions are in. Just like in the good ol’ days where one would dress up for an event. People are leaning towards more formal affairs again. Think waiters wearing white gloves and guests draped in furs, sequins, beading and pearls. More elements of years past are coming back.

9) Feathers:

Feathers are natural, soft, and textural and I absolutely love them. I had feathers all over our wedding…literally all over. They were in my hair, my bouquet, the centerpieces, and even down the aisle. You can use feathers in so many ways and there are so many different types to use.  They are fun and beautiful…I suggest them :-)

10) Rose Gold:

Not only are we seeing a lot more rose gold wedding bands and jewelry but rose gold tones are showing up in other places as well. More and more brides are stepping way from sticking to gold or silver for their votive candles and vessels on the tables. This coppery color adds a warmth and has an antique glamour feel to it that works in several settings.

Happy planning to all the future brides.




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    1. Thank you, John. I just checked out your website. Great work! I apologize for not posting much as of late but I will get back into regular posts soon. :-)