Sunday, November 17, 2013

Curry Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Warning: This item is addictive!

All recipes are created by Jenna unless stated otherwise! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

This recipe will make you fall in love with Fall all over again. Seriously, your kitchen will fill up with the smell of curry, a little bit of cinnamon and a whole lot of pumpkin.

I must warn you before you begin. I have been known to not measure anything when I cook and with most recipes I post I will try my hardest to change that but on some I really don't think it matters and this is one of those recipes that it doesn't matter. So with that said. Everything is to taste I am just here to guide you.

What you will need: 

-Raw Pumpkin Seeds
-Coconut Oil (I prefer the spray kind)
-Yellow Curry Powder
-Ground Cinnamon
-Sea Salt
-Cookie Sheet

Yep...that's it...easy does it for this one.

*Preheat over to 350

1- Spread the seeds out on the cookie sheet. I used a  9 x 12 sheet and fill the whole bottom and even a little thicker. It is okay if it isn't evenly spread out because you can stir it throughout the baking process.

2- Spray with coconut oil. I spray until the whole top layer looks wet.

3- Sprinkle curry powder over the whole thing until it all looks coated.

4- Sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon, this doesn't need to coat all over.

5- Lastly a pinch of salt (I personally don't use a lot of salt so with all of my recipes this is to taste).

6- Once you have all the ingredients covering the seeds stir them up to spread the yumminess. Then add a touch of cinnamon and curry one last time.

7- Once the oven is preheated start baking. After 8 minutes stir the seeds. Throw it back in the oven for another 3 minutes and then stir again. Keep doing this in 2-3 minute increments (depends on how thick you have the seeds on your tray; the deeper the seeds the more often you will have to stir and put back in.)

8- Once they are primarily golden colored they are done and ready to eat. I personally like raw pumpkin seeds so even if some still have a green tint to them I consider them done :-)



Now, for the fun part. These healthy and delicious seeds are perfect to snack on, add to salads, or even sprinkle on top of my Coconut, Pumpkin, Curry Soup (that recipe is to come, once I figure out the measurements :-))



In my world style, humor, great food, a little fun and a lot of love are definite requirements.

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