Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I've Got Mad Love For This Shabby Apple T-Shirt Maxi Dress!

This dress was given to me by Shabby Apple but all opinions are mine

Hands down this Tasman Sea Maxi Dress from Shabby Apple is my favorite T-shirt dress ever! 

When Shabby Apple first sent me this effortlessly chic T-shirt maxi dress I knew immediately that I was taking it with me on a family weekend in wine country. Why? Two reasons: it is beyond comfortable for any road trip or travel and two, it is stylish enough to immediately go out to lunch and partake in wine tasting without having to check into the hotel/house and change. 

A Quick side note. My family and I loved The Girl & The Fig in Sonoma located in the Sonoma Square in the middle of town and Chateau St Jean Winery was absolutley beautiful to sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine. The wineries in Napa and Sonoma are incredibly beautiful. We were there in fall (end of October) which is hands down my favorite time of year because the vineyards are changing colors and it is still warm during the day but crisp and fall like in the mornings. But really, visiting wine country any time of the year is a treat.

And now back to the T-shirt Maxi I am living in. This dress has quickly become my go-to look when I want to be comfortable without compromising style...which is about 90% of my life so I guess that explains why I am living in it.
I would be lying to you if I said I would absolutely never sleep in this dress. That is how soft it is. I can't decide if the softness is the number one reason this is my favorite T-shirt dress ever or if that is reason number 300 that it is my favorite. Oh, and did I mention it has a little pocket on the upper sleeve? Not sure what you would ever use that pocket for, although my mom suggested an id and maybe some cash or a credit card if you don't want to carry anything, but if you know me and pockets then you know this little detail excited me to unusual levels even if it doesn't serve a purpose...Hey, I don't judge what makes you happy. 
The bottom line is that this dress is cozy, soft, flattering, stylish and has long sleeves to take the chill off when you are outdoors yet light weight enough to wear indoors while the heater is blasting this time of year. It really is a blank canvas and you can layer on as you'd like and pair it with several different accessories. As it starts to cool down I plan on trading in my bandana and pairing it with a blanket scarf and a beanie. It would even be cute with tights peaking through the slits for those of you that actually have a winter ahead. When the weather starts to warm back up I plan on pairing this dress with cute sandals, a fun spring neck scarf and just bunching up the sleeves a bit if it is warm out.
As you can see I cannot say enough good things about this dress and I plan on wearing it year round. The one negative I do have is that when it first arrived in the mail it was pretty wrinkled...not going to lie. But I took it out of the packaging and hung it up and no joke every single wrinkle was gone by the next morning. Not even one trace of a wrinkle ever being there was left. So really we are back to not having anything bad to say. 

If you are not familiar with Shabby Apple I am not sure what you are waiting for. They have everything from casual looks like mine to super cute holiday styles and even really cute girly-girl dresses. I don't typically where super girly dresses but every time I look at the Shabby Apple website I think to myself "I need this tulle dress and I don't know why but I do." I am pretty sure they have a look for everyone so go check them out as soon as you can especially if you are looking for a fun and festive look for the holidays or something casual and cute for holiday travel. 
Shabby Apple is having a flash sale! 50% OFF EVERYTHING with code HOLIDAYS2017. What does this mean? Well for one, my Tasman Sea T-Shirt Maxi Dress is usually $88 (which is not bad for what you are getting) but you can get it today for just $44! 

What are you waiting for? Run don't walk. 


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