Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This is Thirty!

I went to bed last night in my 20's and woke up in my 30's! 

Scared? Not Really.
Freaking Out? Hardly.
Feeling Unaccomplished? Eh. There is still time to become CEO.

This is 30...first thing in the morning! 

When I turned 20, even 25 I remember thinking that 30 seemed so far off...and so old. I thought that by the time I was 30 I would definitely be running my own company, married, and have at least one kid. Well, I have "accomplished" one out of three and I am okay with that and here's why: I am loving my journey. I am proud of the things I have accomplished and I look forward to the things I haven't yet accomplished. I know there is so much more to learn and to see and I realize that just because I am 30 doesn't mean that I am old and boring, or missed the boat on having kids and being my own boss or traveling the world. Yes, things are different now, compared to 5-10 years ago, but that is a good thing. The journey is what makes us and I wouldn't change mine. 

Below are a few truths about being 30...My Truths anyway.
  1. Your friendships are important. I cherish my girl time more than ever. We all have work, house projects, significant others and for some of us children that demand our time; so seeing my ladies is important to me and I don't take it for granted.
  2. You are not afraid to be alone. Even if it is Friday night. I am okay with simply relaxing at home on my own with a book or a bubble bath and without the fear of missing out. (FOMO anyone?)
  3. Weekends are exciting. I look forward to the weekends and not because there are Toga parties and I get to sleep in until noon. What I do look forward to is morning coffee with my husband, getting in a walk or a hike, and simply enjoying the day by not being in the office catching up on emails.
  4. You will get hangovers. They just come so easy now...and they last a lot longer than they used to.
  5. Your body is important to you. I have recently found myself wanting to get healthier and back into shape but not to look good but because I genuinely want to be healthy and feel good. I think about my cholesterol numbers more than the number on the scale. I don't even own a scale. My new theory is that if I feel good, my clothes fit and I know that what I am putting into my body is good (well, most of the time) then I must be doing something right.
  6. Fast food makes you feel like SH*T! I feel guilty if I eat fast food and it doesn't even have to be at 2am! It just feels wrong...I don't feel good afterwards and I wonder how I used to eat this stuff in what is now considered the middle of the night. 
  7. You will develop a taste for wine! I love wine tasting and I genuinely want to learn about the wine. It's weird but I won't just drink anything anymore.
  8. Friday night date nights are still a thing. Come Friday my favorite thing to do is have a glass of wine and cook a delicious dinner with my husband and 20-year-old self may say "boring" my 30-year-old self says, "Yes, please. A date night in is just what I need after the week I had."
  9. Vacuuming is a frequent weekend activity. On the weekends I clean my house...My 20-year-old self is so bored just reading that my 30-year-old self looks at it as a workout not a chore!
  10. Your nightly routine does not include Taco Bell. I wash my face and brush my teeth every night. Even if it is 2am or if I had one too many nightly routine stays the same. 
  11. Expensive creams are starting to make sense. I use night cream and eye cream and I wish I would have started earlier. I need that stuff now. Wrinkles are no joke! However, I have yet to turn to Botox...I mean, I earned those babies.
  12. Popov? Smirnoff? No, Thank You! I'll have a martini and yes I will pay extra for good vodka. I can't believe I didn't always drink these...delicious! Oh and rum and cokes (or should I say Rum & Diet) have been out for a few years now. So sweet and gross...why did those ever happen?
  13. Liquid diets still come up during girl talk. However, they have a whole new meaning to me. If you tell me you're on a liquid diet I assume you are juicing. My 20-year-old self assumed you were poor and skipping dinner to spend your money on booze. That was smart...and we all did it. Admit it.
  14. ENews is not the news. When I get home from work I watch the Nightly News...however, I am still curious as to what Jen Aniston is wearing on the red carpet these days.
  15. Sunday Fundays still exist. They just might be a little more mellow. Maybe a hike or an over priced brunch in Carmel complete with good friends, there might even be kids there. 
  16. You love your Bestie and can't picture life without her. My mom is my best friend. I call her all the time and tell her everything. Don't get jealous have always been my bestie too! 
  17. Your recorded TV shows look a little different. One minute I am watching 60 Minutes and the next I am wondering who will get a rose and who is going home. 
  18. You still like drama. I don't care if someone we used to know is dating someone's high school sweetheart...but did your see The Real Housewives last night?
  19. Coffee! Because it is a must to function not because it is a diarrhetic (can you tell I was in a sorority?)
  20. You will think old people are cool. You will look forward to spending time with your grandparents. I wish I would have spent more time talking to mine when I had the chance and I miss them all the time. 
  21. Babysitting is still a nuisance on the weekends. Because everyone is looking to hire not be hired. 
  22. You're on social media. Including Linked In!
  23. Sorority meetings are still happening. If you're like me you spent your early 20's complaining about them and then suddenly you are the founder of an alumni chapter...because you didn't have enough to do!
  24. You will get offered free drinks. But you will be a little more cautious of who you are taking them from because you are not desperate for a freebie nor do you want to talk to the lame guy buying it...Girls night means girls night.
  25. Let's end on a crazy may even chose a boy over your girlfriends. And your friends wont get mad at you for it...because he is more than likely your husband. 
Now, let me clarify something here. I did not wake up today and suddenly have all of this confidence and advice to give. It's not like "oh hey, I'm 30 now so I am comfortable in my skin and know things that 29-year-olds don't." However, I do know that I personally have changed over the last 10 years. My dreams, goals and opinions have become a little more realistic but I am still a dreamer and I still have goals and definitely have opinions. Some of you may have noticed this change in yourself at 25 or even 15 (got to love an old soul) and for others you may be 40 and you still prefer ENews and Rum & Diets. I'm not judging...we are each given our own journey for a reason and that is what makes getting older so much fun. It is not the number on the cake it's the ride. 

Here is the biggest truth...I am 30 and I am a work in progress! 

I loved my 20's but I am looking forward to what is to come in my 30's. I am not looking for my 30's to be the new 20's...been there done that. In fact, I have heard the 30's are better than your 20's because in your 30's you finally have some money to have all the fun you wish you could have had in your 20's! So they say...I have 10 years to figure it out. 

Now, enough of this reflecting and real talk...Happy Birthday to Me and cheers to all of you fabulous 30 somethings! 


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  1. Welcome to the 30s! And since when did you get out of shape? You look like you're in great shape to me! Here's to health, lots of sleep and remembering what happened the night before! :-)