Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Holiday Season Must-Haves!

Well, I don't think I need to say it but I am going to anyway: It is the most wonderful time of the year...and I am stoked! Are you?

I love everything about the holidays. I love the way my home smells from the baking, the christmas tree, the fire, the candles and the constant hot coco stewing on the stove. I love how everyone just seems happier and more thankful. I love how the first thing I smell when I walk into the grocery store (and my home) are those cinnamon pinecones. I love being surrounded by friends and family. I love cheesy made for TV holiday movies as well as the classics (Clark aka Sparky anybody?). I love Egg Nog in my coffee in the mornings. I love spoiling my loved ones. I love all the decorated homes (I mean, if I have to come home from work after the sun has gone down at least I can enjoy the Christmas decorations and lights on my I right?) 

Anyway, you get the picture...I LOVE this time of year and a not-so-small part of that excitement are all the opportunities to dress cute :-) Below are a few of my MUST-HAVES for the Holiday season.

Something Sparkly

Something Red

Something Furry:

A Fun Cocktail Dress

A Great Shoe
(preferably one that works in all weather but still looks fabulous at a party!)

Statement Jewelry

A Great Sweater 
(I also love dressing up my more casual sweaters with leather/sequins pants & skirts)

Happy Holidays Everyone!



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