Friday, April 25, 2014

TGIF! Blood Orange Cocktail Recipes!

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere!

The hubs and I were recently staying in on a Saturday night so we decided to play mixologist. Now, we are not big hard alcohol drinkers so we made due with what we had and personally I found it to be a success, surprisingly, considering what we were working with, which wasn’t much.

White Balsamic Vodka Soda:
That’s right balsamic vinegar. We heard about it…so we tried it…and I liked it…Hubs, not so much. I think he couldn’t get passed the fact that his cocktail had vinegar in it but I didn’t even notice. I found it refreshing.

Here are the deets:
Club Soda
Splash (about 1 tbsp or to taste) of flavored white balsamic of your choice. I used a white champagne mimosa flavored one as well as a coconut flavored vinegar (not together…yep I had two) and both were yummy. I also squeezed a blood orange wedge into it to add some color and fresh juice but I don’t think it was needed.

Fresh Squeezed Blood Orange Vodka Soda:
It is simple and oh so good.

Here are the deets:
Club Soda
Fresh Squeezed Blood Orange Juice

Fresh Squeezed Blood Orange Lime Margaritas:
Fresh and delicious! 

Here are the deets:
Tequila (Silver)
Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice (I usually buy "Just Lime" juice to save time)
Fresh Squeezed Blood Orange Juice (about 1 orange per full blender)
Splash of Grand Marnier 

Give it a try and tell me what you think by commenting below.




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